Judi Jordan

Writer. Producer. Director. Creative.

About Judi

I am a passionate visual and lingual artist. My creative involvement with 30 plus television, film, commercial, and event productions has ranged from costume design to production management, script writing, directing, and segment producing.

An enthusiastic period and supernatural film fan, I optioned the celebrated five-book Spanish Vampire series, The Don Sebastian Chronicles to develop as a film, theater, and TV vehicle.

As current Editor for Latino Leaders Magazine and Latin Heat Online, I have written for numerous publications including Hollywood Reporter, Backstage, Estylo, Star, Latin Style, Venice, Celebrity Weekly, and Entertainment Today.

I have written eleven screenplays, scores of treatments, produced magazine format and reality shows, and directed seven shorts, commercials, and infomercials. I have ghosted several novels and am presently collaborating on “Champions of the Ages” a YA Sci-Fi Romance Novel set in the near future. I lived in Europe for over 10 years, in Paris and Zurich, and spent time in London, in many parts of Spain, Italy, Greece, and I have traveled to 23 countries.

About Visia

How I can Help

As a screenwriter and author, I have a particular affinity for historical, biographical, supernatural, international, romantic, artistic, and uplifting projects. Come to me for scripts, treatments, or synopsis that stir emotions, paint vivid images, and evoke sensual magic.

As a bio writer and journalist, I create magnetic personas and articles with words.

As a producer, I look for ways to make every project unique and successful.

As a director, I aim for the right balance of visual and emotional storytelling.